Hey lemmings,

I have a headless server that works beautifully. B450 with 2700X and 32GB of micron 3200MHz RAM.

I am currently running Debian 12 Bookworm on it. I am at kernel 6.1, but in preparation for 6.2 or 6.3 being backlogged, I want to buy an Arc A380 for transcoding since they are only 150€ here. Software was fine for a single video stream, but I bought a new house and will have 4 camera streams running. Plus I want to dabble in AV1 transcoding for media or storage of my camera streams

Currently there is neither X nor Wayland installed since it is exclusively with SSH that I do all of my work on it. After I install the GPU, I was wondering if it is possible to not even install X or Wayland since I will literally never use a display on it?

Would I still be able to do Jellyfin and Frigate transcoding without an X server? If I have to get one, does it matter if I choose X or Wayland for hardware transcoding?



I have a GPU in a server, its a nvidia P400, that has 4 transcoding cores, can do h264 and hevc. It works fine with most software that uses ffmpeg to transcode, jellyfin uses ffmpeg. You dont need to run any displays to utilize the transcoding parts, running nvidia-smi will show you any processes using the GPU. I’m not sure about other cards but I have seen other people doing it. I’m not sure what cards will do AV1.


I more mean do I have to install all of the X server software, dependencies, and mess with all of the configs to get hardware decoding running.

The A380 will work fantastic for all ffmpeg transcoding as well as AV1 (as long as you are >=kernel 6.2)

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